July 18

The Price is Right

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What’s 170 pages and temporarily FREE and has been downloaded tens of thousands of times in the past three days?  REALERthanREAL!!

Now through Sunday night (July 19), our BookBub promotion allows you to get the book for free on your Kindle (or the Kindle app, for smartphone or tablet users).

We’re pumped to report that on Day 1 of the promotion, more than 25,000 people downloaded REALERthanREAL, shattering BookBub’s record in the “Christian and Inspirational” category!  We soared up Amazon’s “Top 100″ free books charts, peaking at #3 overall – wedged between a steamy romance called Tempting Love: Haley & Eddie and a book

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May 30

Being a Baby


On the morning of April 30, 2015 – my 33rd birthday – I woke up from a beautiful dream.  In it, I’d been driving and chatting with my sister, Kayla.  It was the first time in a long time that I’d dreamt of Kayla.  It was also the first time, ever, that I’d dreamt of my baby daughter.

Three months earlier, Jenny and I were surprised and delighted to learn we were expecting.  The previous Fall, we suffered a miscarriage, and now my worst-thing-that-can-happen-will-happen self wondered whether we’d ever have a healthy baby.  But when our 8-week, and then 12-week,

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July 17

Pomp and Circumstance


When I was a kindergartner, the only thing more repulsive than cooties was the thought of tacking ANOTHER four years onto my already-sure-to-be-grueling K-12 education. Well, sorry nephew, ’cause that’s what’s happening.

Thanks to your amazing support for REALERthanREAL, this summer we used book proceeds to open and fund a College Savings Plan for Amber’s six-year-old son, Bailey! One day, we hope this news makes him even happier than he looks in this photo!

Thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts! And keep reading and sharing!

May 05

Our Kayla Lynne


10 years. Time is incredible: In some ways, it seems impossible that a decade has passed since the final hours, whispers, miracles, and despair that remain etched so vividly into our minds today; in other ways, it seems so much has changed, there have been too many highs and lows, for a mere ten years to cover such ground.

One thing never changes: We love and miss our Kayla Lynne.

“God 1st, Others 2nd, me last.” – My precious sister, 8/31/1988 – 5/5/2004. Ten years since we last heard your heart beat, Bean, you’re still our sunshine.

March 30

Thanks, LifeIsStory.com!

This week, Jessica Higgins – book reviewer at LifeIsStory.com – posted her review of REALERthanREAL, calling it a “dynamic book that hits you in the heart and pulls you in deeper with every page.” Read the full review online HERE. Thanks, Jessica and LifeIsStory.com, for reading and sharing our story!

December 31

HerViewFromHome Review

Vigil for Kayla

This week, blogger Trish Eklund posted her review of REALERthanREAL on HerViewFromHome.com, an online lifestyle magazine. Trish concluded, “Realer Than Real ignited my faith, reminding me what is truly important in life, and what should come first. . . . Seriously, this is a MUST read!”

Read the full review online here.

Thanks, Trish, for your encouraging feedback on our story!

December 14

Live at CCCOmaha!

Ryan and Micah

Ryan was privileged to share his story with Micah Yost and an awesome, attentive crowd at Christ Community Church! Watch the interview online here.

“I came to a point where I had to believe that when I was born, and when God said ‘I love you, you are my child, I sent my son to die for you,’ I got more than I deserved – instantly. Anything God gave me after that was just ‘grace heaped on grace’ – it’s all goodness and mercy that I don’t deserve, in excess of the infinite

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November 05

Three Years of God’s Miracle

Amber and Bailey

Today marks three years since a speeding dump truck collided with Amber. Now, she can walk her son to school! The journey hasn’t been fast or easy, but we thank God for the miracle of Amber’s life. And we thank you all for your support and for continuing to share our story! (To see a trailer-style video and learn more about REALERthanREAL, click HERE!)

October 06

Hot off the press!


Matthew Hansen has been one of my favorite columnists ever since my freshman year of college, when he was already making a name for himself as an up-and-coming writer with the Daily Nebraskan. Today, our story graces the front cover of the Omaha World-Herald. Read it online HERE!

August 28



Today – just over one month since its release – REALERthanREAL notched its 101st review on Amazon!! Incredibly, ninety-nine people have rated the book 5/5 stars, with two others posting 4-star reviews.

Thank you all for rating and reviewing the book! Your honest feedback is instrumental in at least three ways:

1. Sales. As our reviews pile up, Amazon is increasingly likely to “suggest” the book to new potential readers, increasing our visibility among new markets across the country and world.

2. Credibility. Spending the time and money to pick up and read a book is a serious investment. Your

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