August 28



Today – just over one month since its release – REALERthanREAL notched its 101st review on Amazon!! Incredibly, ninety-nine people have rated the book 5/5 stars, with two others posting 4-star reviews.

Thank you all for rating and reviewing the book! Your honest feedback is instrumental in at least three ways:

1. Sales. As our reviews pile up, Amazon is increasingly likely to “suggest” the book to new potential readers, increasing our visibility among new markets across the country and world.

2. Credibility. Spending the time and money to pick up and read a book is a serious investment. Your ratings help potential readers know they won’t be disappointed.

3. Resume-building. One of the reasons I self-published REALERthanREAL stems from my long-standing fear of rejection. (It all started with a seventh-grade ski trip, don’t ask.) But if we ever pursue a traditional publishing route, your overwhelmingly positive reviews strongly strengthen our likelihood of success.

So please, keep adding your reviews to Amazon, iTunes, or wherever you found your book! (Unless you plan to give us 1 or 2-star ratings – in that case, you can sit this one out.)

Click here to rate and review REALERthanREAL on Amazon.

Thank you for playing this critical role in our journey!