Chapter 10

  1. Consider some of the major transitions you’ve experienced in your life.  Did anyone or anything help stabilize your foundation during these life changes?
  2. Identify an area of your life where you have matured or progressed over the years.  What factors played a role in helping you make this positive change?
  3. When and how have you experienced “grace heaped on grace”?
  4. Think of the people who have figured most prominently and positively into your life.  Do they know how much they mean to you?
Practically natives
Ryan versus the volcano
Ryan makes a friend
Man vs. Wild
WilkinsNewsWatch7-SD for Apple Devices
Sidewalk-chalk drawing at QLI
Amber thanks her first responders
Bailey and Ducky
Messy Boy
Bailey - Who could say no to this face?
Gracey desecrates Ryan's proposal