Chapter 1

  1. Consider the ways that your upbringing shaped you to be the person you are today.  Which of your positive characteristics do you attribute to your upbringing?  Are any less desirable components of your character traceable to your upbringing?
  2. Who are the people in your past or present most responsible for your spiritual makeup today?
  3. Looking back at the happiest times in your life and some of the lowest points, do you find any correlation—positive or negative—with your spiritual life?
Scared of Mom
Kayla, Goat Whisperer
A Very Flannel Christmas
Just the Kids
Glenwood Park
The Whole Crew
All Grown Up!
I heard there would be cake
Mom and Ryan
Nature Boy
Adios, high school!
The Squad
Livin' on a Prayer
Go, Huskers!
Pregame Action
Steve gets Mobbed
Let's make it a twofer!
The Victory Pose